The Culture Builders Type profiling tool - measuring leadership style
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know what drives leadership performance in your leaders and managers
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take the survey more than once?

Yes – although we don't recommend you do it too closely, otherwise your responses will be skewed by your interpretation on the last results. Normally people complete the tool a second time when they want to measure an improvement in a certain factor when they've been focusing on development. You shouldn't just take it again to try and score higher!

Your user account will allow multiple submissions providing you have enough credits.

Who sees my results?

You… and anyone you choose to share them with. We do not view individual results unless you send in your PDF and ask us for input. The system allows us to run reports, but they are to check the averages of responses and monitor that our sample group is up to date.

What if I don't agree with my results?

Firstly, get input – ask someone who you trust and know well to give you input (but don't say to them "I don't think these are me… what do you think?" or you will colour their responses). Occasionally people do not have the easily accessible awareness to recognise how they work.

However, if you are convinced that they are not you, then contact us, and we can arrange a brief coaching call to talk through your results and interpret them in different ways (there will be a small charge for this).

How is the data calculated?

Each question has an impact on a number of the five roles being measured – some questions will affect the scoring on all of them, others just one.The strength scores are your results compared to a sample group that we have pre-qualified, and presents a very good cross section of roles, companies, nationalities and seniority. This final group was drawn from a population of more than 1,000 professionals across the globe.

In developing the tool we went through a number of processes to create, test and refine the questions and scoring – working with Beta groups and conducting post-survey interviews and questionnaires to check the accuracy of the results.

As part of the housekeeping for the tool we regularly review the submissions received and check that the norm group is still representative.

I'm worried about my low scores

This is not about scoring well; it's about understanding how you currently work, and in a very specific area of your career. For some people communication and engagement do not feature heavily in their daily lives, and it's therefore understandable when they get lower scores.

For those that DO work in these fields, but still see low scores, bear in mind it's your own perception – so you could be tough on your self, modest, or genuinely not feel that you are as strong as others in this area.

Our advice is to apply the five percent rule – ask yourself 'what if five per cent of this is true' then take it from there – don't try and fix everything at once, and recognise that, before you took the survey, you were doing fine – so don't worry!

We can offer a coaching service if you feel the contents of the survey need more exploration – contact us and we will discuss options.

The profiling tool crashed when I was using it

Firstly, sorry! We tested the system thoroughly, and hopefully this is a rare problem. If you've already paid, then we will have a record of that and can quickly set up a new survey for you.

If possible, please tell us the specifics of the problem, and a screen shot of any error message would be helpful. Email Chris Preston - and he will respond as soon as possible and help fix the problem.

I want to use this tool within my company or with my clients – what do I do?

There is an administrator account available that we can set up for you once you have completed our accreditation process. We also provide an interpretation booklet to help you talk to people about their results and coach them around action to build more strength in certain areas.

The account allows you to run individual, 360 and group profiles.

Please contact Chris Preston - to talk about your requirements and how we manage this process.

Do you offer discounts for bulk surveys?

Yes – please email Chris Preston to discuss specifics and how we can assist you in setting up administration accounts.

Can I claim back the VAT on my credits?

Yes – the checkout invoice will give you a VAT number and a breakdown.



We have a number of highly qualified associates and team members that can work with you to either help you individually find the most value from the tool, to run development programmes with your team or the wider organisation.

Alongside the tool we have a range of set activities and a full curriculum that helps managers and leaders build their capacity in the five roles.

Contact Chris Preston for more information, and take a look at our Accreditation page for more information on what we offer.