The Culture Builders Type profiling tool - measuring leadership style
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know what drives leadership performance in your leaders and managers
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Used properly, the Culture Builders Profiling Tool can give a valuable insight into how your candidates are likely to lead others and what impact they may have on the culture of your organisation.

Using the profile tool, we can give you a summary of their likely strengths and weaknesses, suggest the style they will lead others with and give a snapshot of how others will experience them.

Our tool does NOT rank candidates, rather it provides information on their likely behaviours in a management or leadership role, with a specific emphasis on how they engage other people. The report comes with a summary narrative on the individual, along with their results, and a Recruiters’ Pack to help with interpretation.

We also offer a post-appointment support programme, which helps the person to understand the new culture they have walked into, quickly get to a state of high performance and use their profiling results to understand how to interact with new team members to build a strong relationship right from the outset.

For more information about how we use the tool for recruitment, contact Chris Preston.






The Culture Builders is currently working with a group of well-known education recruitment specialists to profile candidates for senior roles across the world. The tool is used at the early stages of the process to help the team get a better understanding of the candidate as a leader, and to fuel future conversations with them at interview stage.